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.eco endorsers

Tom Breunig

beacuse with qualification it can be a significant differentiator

E. Rachael Baird

I think it is a brilliant new direction for web to be considered a social tool for marketing companies in the right direction.

M. Goodell

their pledge of donating 50%

Monty Goodell, MBA

Their pledge to donate 50% of their profits to non-profit organizations, like our Renewable Energy Institute:


support to green IT


Ecofiend is a collaborative project by a couple of design students and illustrators from Columbia. We want to raise awareness of other environmental organizations at our school and around Chicago.

Anne Chastain

I support a new, green economy which is eco-friendly, global, and ethical.


We support .eco because we believe a .eco web address would show case our green initiatives. Not to mention the profits go back into saving our planet!

Anne Chastain

I'm a passionate proponent of a green economy to displace the oil-based, corporate economy. I want to reform mass consumerism.

Jamie Gordon

We think that the environment is an important social issue that deserves it's own tld.

John Carson

It's a great domain name and relates to what Greenscroll is doing: We are a non-profit movement helping you make your web presence more environmentally friendly by supporting green renewable energy on your behalf. Our priority is fighting climate change, not profiting from it.

Laurent J. MASSON

We are a green magazine, and we would enjoy to distinguish ourselves from non-green magazine with a green TLD. Just make sure oil and nuclear companies would not be able to buy an .eco.