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Dot Eco LLC Slams Big Room In Opening Shots For .ECO Domain

If the war of words already happening in comments on blogs across the web wasn’t indicative of rising tensions in the .ECO domain race, this public declaration makes it quite clear.

Green domain sparks war of words

The battle to take control of a new internet domain aimed at environmental groups has escalated.

Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev battle for control of .eco domain

Al Gore, the former American vice-president, is at loggerheads with Mikhail Gorbachev, the Russian ex-president, over the rights to control a new “green” internet domain that could be worth billions.

.Eco: The Domain Extension for Treehuggers

Arguments can be weighed for and against new top level domains. And while we’re not positive the .eco domain will solve the world’s environmental issues, we certainly see it as a potentially positive way to raise funds and support well-intentioned chariti

Rivals bid to snatch green domain

Rival environmental groups are lining up supporters to try to take control of a new net domain aimed at green groups.

Ocean Beach denizens live in a fog

Nobody sees more fog than Mark Massara, director of the California Coastal Program for the Sierra Club. Massara, 47, lives on the Great Highway and works at a handmade picnic table in his home law office.

New Web address endings could be start of turf wars

A sea change may be coming to cyberspace with Web addresses ending in anything from .a to .z. That has businesses increasingly worried they will have to spend millions to guard their brand names.

Dot Eco: Can a top level domain save the Planet?

Can an environmentally slanted top-level domain leverage the current attention on all things green to create a winning URL closer?

Al Gore and cohorts applying for web domain

Al Gore, along with some big names in Hollywood, are backing the idea of a .eco domain registration for the web,

Surfrider Foundation Endorses Dot Eco LLC’s Application to Secure the .eco Top Level Domain

Surfrider Foundation is expressing its support for the .eco application.

Gore Backs '.ECO' Domains

The effort to secure the .eco top level domain (TLD) now has a new powerful ally

Al Gore says domain .eco logical

The former US vice president, Al Gore, is backing the creation of a new green .eco domain name.

Al Gore wants the web to have eco domains

eco domain, .eco Just when you think the world couldn’t possibly need another top-level domain (.tv, .biz, .travel, etc.), along come Al Gore and friends to ask for another.

Al Gore's New ".Eco" Effort

The idea is simple: Environmental organizations will now have a streamlined place to promote their causes

.eco domain gets Al Gore backing

The domain would focus on information linked to the environment such as initiatives being carried out by companies

Environment wants its own Web address: .eco

Al Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection is joining with Dot Eco LLC to lobby for the creation of a .eco Web address to promote enviro causes.

Al Gore announces support for .eco domain

He may or may not have “invented the internet”, but now Al Gore has pledged to try and give it a refresh, throwing his weight behind a campaign to establish a new .eco domain name.

Al Gore Bringing .eco to the Web

Al Gore is bringing two facets of his life together by trying to create an environment-specific domain for the web.

Al Gore Throws Support Behind New .eco Domain

By financing environmental initiatives with a positive impact on the environment, the new domain will be much more than a trendy label.

Al Gore Wants To Create New Domain Name Extension .ECO

Former Vice President Gore can now partially lay claim to inventing a new domain name.

Gore Applies For Eco Web Domain

Gore’s alliance has formed a partnership with the environmentalists heading Dot Eco Ltd

Gore Applies for web domain

Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection has joined a group applying for the “.eco” World Wide Web, I’m told.

Al Gore Says Forget .com & .net--We Need .eco!

After years of being teased for Internet hubris, Al Gore once again is taking his MO back to the Internet.