green incI hesitate to mention the newly released book “Green Inc” on this blog, because the book makes some scathing accusations on the Environmental industry as a whole, and in general, I disagree with much of the tone (and implications) of the book. However, the author is certainly very credible, and the book is getting considerable play in the news media, so I thought I would make a few comments.

Christine MacDonald, the journalist who wrote the book, is a true environmental insider, having worked at Conservation International, a large environmental organization. The book is a very rich source of information, including some not well known facts on the origin of the modern environmental movement. For example, I was not aware that Rachel Carlson’s book “Silent Spring” published in 1962, had such a strong impact on creating the first public awareness of the environmental problem we face. Nor was I aware that as late as 1978, the World Wildlife Fund had a budget as low as 2 Million dollars a year. (more…)