Help us keep the process towards an environmental top level domain (.eco) moving forward!

ICANN, the organization in charge of approving and assigning top level domains, is accepting public comment on a potential plan to accept “Expressions of Interest” (EOI). This would give companies such as Dot Eco TLD the opportunity to tell ICANN that we want to create an environmental top level domain.

We believe that Expressions of Interest are the next crucial step towards making new top level domains a reality because:

  • EOI will help ICANN prepare for the new TLD applications process by providing useful information about the potential applicants.
  • EOI will help ICANN determine how many organizations, companies and countries plan to apply for their own TLD.
  • EOI will bring transparency to the pre-application process. This is important for everyone who is considering applying for a new top level domain!

In order to be effective, Dot Eco believes that the EOI process must:

  • Require a fee to discourage companies from “gaming the system” and ensuring that only applicants that are serious participate.
  • Have a specified timeframe to reach out and make sure that potential applicants are aware of the process.
  • Have a limited timeframe that does not allow the EOI process to unduly delay the application period.
  • Be a pre-requisite for applying for top level domain.

How can you help?

ICANN is accepting comments on whether or not to proceed with Expressions of Interest. Let them know that they should move to accept EOI! Be sure to let ICANN know your reasons for supporting the EOI. This will help the Board to make an informed decision.

Click here for information about how to submit your comment to ICANN.

Your actions now can help move us forward towards the creation of an environmental domain.